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An archipelago is “a body of water studded with islands”. Philippines’ group of 7,100 islands and islets, interconnected waters and other natural features, around, between, and connecting among the islands form part of our territorial waters within the extension of not more than 12 nautical miles beyond archipelagic baselines.

Baseline serves as a basis for drawing the lowest depression of the outer most territorial shoreline. It includes jurisdictional claims and exploitation over natural resources. The country then limits any foreign vessels entering its territory. With that, foreign vessels have no right of innocent passage and cannot pass through it.

On the issue of the interplay with other equally important national security and stand in international law, it is my hope that it would be given a final stand, “for the preservation of our national wealth, for national security, and as a manifestation of our solidarity as a people”, by defining the limits of what is truly within our resources and what is and will be for everybody’s consumption now and in the future to the Philippines. The baselines should be established and or amended to conform in international law.



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